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4Gram is an Instagram "IG" Auto Liker, Auto Follower, Auto Commenter Tool Which Will Help You To Increase Likes, Comments On Your Instagram Photos and Followers On Your Instagram Account. Moreover It Is Easy To Use And One Of The Best Instagram Exchange Tool Available Over The Web. IT'S ALL FREE
  • About Service

    4Gram is an Instagram tools that help you to get likes, followers, and comment for FREE. Our website act as an Exchange System. You'll get likes, follows, and comments from our members.
    Please share our website and tell to your friends, more peoples join, more likes you'll get.

  • Is It Safe?

    YES, is it, We never touch your account other than to provide likes,follow,and comment. But sometimes when you first time login to 4gram, you get notification from instagram that someone was login to your account, that mean our system is trying to login, please Allow this login, or our site will not working..

  • Getting Started
    If your account is "PRIVATE", please set it to public as we can not access your instagram when your instagram is Private
    Use your Instagram Credential to login into 4Gram
  • No longer interested in this tool?

    you can easily remove your instagram account from our website, first login using your instagram account then you will see "remove your account" button, click on it. that's all.!!

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